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Personality Development Program

Personality is an attribute of an individual that defines his/her communication skill, presentation, etiquettes, etc. A person could look good; but with no communication skills or etiquettes is sure not have an awe factor. A perfect balance of all these aspects is very essential to have a perfect personality. The way you speak, the way you behave in public, the confidence you portray in public, the etiquettes you show when in an audience, goes a long way to define of a character you carry. At TIPs we have developed a 22 lectures intensive program to help develop communication skills, confidence, etiquettes and overall personality of an individual to create lasting impressions.

  • The course is open to all who wishes to enhance their personality and soft skills.
What is the target audience?
  • The course is open to all who wishes to enhance their personality and soft skills.
How TIPs is different from other Training Institutions?

TIPs is certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Our trainers are PMP and CMMI certified. Every batch contains maximum 10 participants. We have eliminated the concept of class, we deliver course in totally practical manners.

How courses are practically hands-on?

From day 1, every participant of the batch will be equiped with the material required during each session. All sessions will be performed by every participant individually.

How I can compete with participants having good skills than me?

Every batch is a group of participants of similar skills. Before the start of every batch, small interaction session will be organized to check the level of understanding of each participant. After that batch will be made with the participants of similar skills level.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

The course is open to all who wishes to enhance their personality and soft skills.

How I can ensure my particiption in the batch?

You need to register for the course with Batch number. After orientation session, we allowed participants on the basis of first come first serve (registration wise) to enroll themselves and pay the course fee. If a participant did not get a seat in a particular batch, his/her registration will be considered for the next upcoming batch.

Do I need to pay course fee with the course registration?

No, registration is free of cost. After first orientation session, if you want to continue then you need to pay the fee and continue.

Is there any installment plan for the payment of course fee?

Yes. You can pay in equal monthly installments.

Training Program

Your personality is the first thing that is noticed in a job interview, in any company, any field. Having a good personality is essential to get ahead in today's world. TIPs Personality Development course will polish your presentation and communication skills and prepare you to have a successful career in any field of your choice.

One lecture may consists of one or more sessions. Lectures sequence will be managed with the skills set of participants.