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Certified .NET Application Engineer

In this course, you will learn all you need to begin your journey to become a .NET developer. This course is for those who are transitioning from being an IT-professional or are moving from other technologies. Filled with practical exercises and real world examples, you will be taken through all the major areas of .NET development. This course is also packed with tips and tricks to ensure that you become as productive as possible, as fast as possible.

From day 1 of the course, you will be working on a real life field project and end-up with the completion of project. Totally practical work from day 1 till end.

  • Windows based PC
  • Visual Studio and SQL Server
  • Understanding of Programming
  • Understanding of Windows operating system, internet and the web
What is the target audience?
  • Beginners who want to learn .net Development
  • Developers who are moving to .net
  • People who want to start enterprise development
  • Developers inheriting .net projects
  • Students and teachers who use the .net platform
How TIPs is different from other Training Institutions?

TIPs is certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Our trainers are PMP and CMMI certified. Every batch contains maximum 10 participants. We have eliminated the concept of class and lab, we deliver course in hands-on practical manners.

Is this course part of a Microsoft certification path?

Yes! This course is part of a Microsoft Certification Path and can help you prepare for your MCSA Certification, MCSE Certification, or MCSD Certification.

How courses are practically hands-on?

From day 1, every participant of the batch will be equiped with the laptop. All sessions will be performed directly on laptops.

How I can compete with participants having good knowledge on .NET?

Every batch is a group of participants of similar skills. Before the start of every batch, small interaction session will be organized to check the level of understanding of each participant. After that batch will be made with the participants of similar skills level.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

If you have a knowledge of any programming language then you can take this course directly. Otherwise you need to take Basic Programming Course as prerequisite.

How I can ensure my particiption in the batch?

You need to register for the course with Batch number. After orientation session, we allowed participants on the basis of first come first serve (registration wise) to enroll themselves and pay the course fee. If a participant did not get a seat in a particular batch, his/her registration will be considered for the next upcoming batch.

Do I need to pay course fee with the course registration?

No, registration is free of cost. After first orientation session, if you want to continue then you need to pay the fee and continue.

Is there any installment plan for the payment of course fee?

Yes. You can pay in equal monthly installments.

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Begin your enterprise programming career with .net. Create web, windows and mobile app with the Microsoft .net platform